Approaching Women in a Сlub

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Unlike daytime and even some quite bars, Night Clubs have extremely loud music. If in a regular interaction we have 3 levels (Our Words, our Tonality and our Body Language), than in a night club only our Body Language remains strong.

Women, especially the attractive ones, get lots of attention from men in the club, and their Bitch Shield is high.

In addition to that, a club is full of distractions for women (i.e. her friends, a song she likes, other men), so that you need to be VERY ATTRACTIVE to make here pay attention to you.

Let me give you a success formula in clubs that I’ve developed:

-          Be and Look social

-          Enjoy and have fun

-          Use short sentences

-          Be unique and different

Be and look social

You entered a club, you look to your sides, try to see where the attractive girls are? Well, that’s probably what every does, and that’s not the way to look attractive. Instead, understand that you came to a club, a social venue, so BE SOCIAL.

Women are extremely attracted to social and friendly men. Mystery called it “Being a leader of men”, or just leadership. It’s a very positive masculine quality.  It also shows the women in the club that you are a social, interesting and funny person.

Well, why do I also call it “look” social? Because as we discussed in the beginning of this post, women can’t hear your words or tonality in a club. They can only see you behavior and body language. That’s why how you look is important.

So, how do you behave socially? Talk to men. Talk to unattractive women. Talk to your friends. Make introductions between people. I will discuss this more thorough in a different post. But learn also how to interact with men that you don’t know.

Not only this will make you look social, you can meet new and interesting friends. You can also find out that unattractive looking women can be eventually rather interesting as friends or even romantically. You might also meet their friends later.

So talk to everybody, meet new friends, looks social, and you will dramatically increase your attractiveness for women.


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Enjoy and have Fun

Do go to night clubs if the only purpose is to find chicks. Go there to enjoy and have fun. If you are out with your friends, have fun, dance together, drink, whatever makes you happy. When approaching a woman, you need to have a vibe a bit higher than her. In a club, women have fun, they dance. You need a vibe a bit higher that hers, so you need t have fun too.

Consider going out to a club as a game you are playing, forget about bad things.

I know many guys who go to a club, while the only thought they have in their head is “I have to approach this girl, I must… Why didn’t I talk to her”… It only increases you approach anxiety.

Again, have fun, Approaching women is not the only reason you go to a club.

Use short sentences

Approaching girls in a club is different from approaching in other venues. It’s like the difference between a TV commercial and a written advertisement.

In a club – you have to be very quick and interesting. Opinion openers are not a good thing in a club.

You can still be indirect, but use something short. There might be thousands of good openers. Making a good ones demand some copywriting skills. A good opener would be Provocative. It’s also good to express the girl’s thoughts.

Let me give you some openers that I personally like and use:

  • “I really like your friend” – it’s in fact indirect, because you want a different girl. You can use this in different variations.
  • “The guys here are so ugly!” – A very good opener. Indirect, expresses exactly what the girl thinks (Girls usually think most guys are ugly).
  • “That guy there is so cute!” – Indirect. Unless you choose some male model, the girl will disagree with you, but she actually rejects the other guy, not you.

As the interaction continues, you can make the phrases longer. In the beginning it’s vital to keep them short.

Be unique and Different

The last principle is of the greatest importance. This principle is true not only in picking-up women, but also in many aspects in life. But in a club it gets higher importance, as we discussed in the beginning.

People tend to behave the same. Being different makes you attractive and women will want to be with you.

Most men are boring. So don’t be boring.

Most men are not social. So be social.

Most men use the same lame pick-up lines: “You are cute, How are you, I like your shirt, whatever”.  Be Different.

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